THE ASSOCIATION OF THE ROMANIAN SOCIETY OF GYNECOLOGICAL AESTHETICS (S.R.E.G.), was established on the basis of the right to free association and the will of the members, of the natural persons provided in the Constitutive Act. The Romanian Society of Gynecological Aesthetics Association (S.R.E.G.), is a scientific and professional organization that brings together specialists with competence in gynecological aesthetics and with concerns in gynecological diagnosis and gynecological aesthetics.


Founding members




Importance of Gynecological Aesthetics

Gynecological aesthetics is based on emphasis on the quality of the life of patients. International studies have shown that a happy woman is healthier, has more work power and more professional efficiency, less medical leave, fewer mental disorders such as anxiety or depression, fewer hospital admissions, surgery less, practically these effects having a positive resonance on the Sanitary System. Also, by using non-invasive or minimally invasive methods specific to Gynecological Aesthetics, can be prevented or treated, without complicating the Health System with expensive hospitalizations and surgeries, pathologies such as urinary incontinence, prolapse and laxity after natural births through vaginal treatments. laser, radiofrequency, electromagnetic stimulation of the pelvic muscles, treatments with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), hyaluronic acid, etc. In addition, it was shown that the countries where these treatments exist have also increased their natural birth rate, a worrying fact well known in Romania being the very high birth rate by cesarean section.

The Romanian Society of Gynecological Aesthetics is responsible for organizing national information programs on these issues, both aimed at patients and doctors.

Gynecological Aesthetics includes, in addition to purely aesthetic procedures and interventions that women have the right to use to improve their self-esteem due to birth defects, and procedures and interventions to restore the anatomy in case of genital mutilation after accidents or cancer, various therapies. currently non-existent in Romania for the treatment of sclerosing lichen, an evolutionary mutilating pathology, for severe atrophy in menopause or after chemo / radiotherapy treatments in cancers, treatment of vaginismus (severe pain at each sexual contact), treatment of lack of orgasm or loss of sensitivity to sexual intercourse after birth, as well as treatments to restore the appearance and function of the genital tract after natural births.

The Romanian Society of Gynecological Aesthetics  will organize national medical conferences, workshops, clinical studies and scientific events in collaboration with various internationally renowned companies, to develop in Romania this field to the highest standards.

It is important to emphasize in this sense that, given the lack of this branch and this possibility of overspecialization of gynecologists, there are no accredited skills in Romania to perform these treatments, and patients are often forced to leave and perform them outside Romania, which is a loss for our country. In addition, at the moment, doctors who want to offer patients these procedures carry out specialized courses abroad, spend large sums of money there for these preparations, which they could do in Romania and which are not even recognized in Romania, because, as mentioned, they are not accredited by the Ministry of Health. It is therefore easy to understand the reason for the growing dissatisfaction in this regard from both doctors and patients.

The Romanian Society of Gynecological Aesthetics  assumes the responsibility to make the necessary steps to develop in Romania and conduct complementary studies that will be completed by examinations after which gynecologists will receive certificates of competence in Gynecological Aesthetics.


Scope of Association

The ROMANIAN SOCIETY OF GYNECOLOGICAL AESTHETICS, referred also as SREG, aims to identify and popularize all the possibilities of continuous development of medical knowledge and practices, in particular the specialty of gynecological aesthetics, regenerative medicine and other related medical specialties.

SREG will create and promote a process of stimulation and synthesis of studies designed to highlight the specifics in the field of gynecological aesthetics, regenerative medicine and other related fields, through non-invasive or invasive treatment, preventive or curative, in various gynecological diseases. Subsequently, SREG wants to draw up a national diagnosis and treatment protocol, which it will draw up and approve together with its members.

SREG wants to create a community of Gynecologists interested in Regenerative Medicine and Gynecological Aesthetics, who will have the opportunity for professional development including collaboration with international experts from scientific organizations that will collaborate with SREG.


Objectives of S.R.E.G.

In order to achieve this scope, the Association has the following objectives:

  1. It stimulates and ensures the optimal conditions for the transmission of professional experience, within the S.R.E.G., but also within other professional companies or professional and administrative non-governmental and governmental organizations, both domestically and internationally.
  2. Raising the scientific level of its members, providing them with facilities and organizational, functional, material facilities, by organizing scientific events: round tables, symposia, conferences, conferences and workshops. S.R.E.G. supports the participation of its members in the international events of similar organizations or professional societies in which the S.R.E.G. is affiliated.
  3. Raising the quality level of examinations in the field of aesthetics and specific gynecological functionalities, both for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, at the level of the highest standards. In this regard, S.R.E.G. will provide the necessary information support regarding the observance of the requirements and the implementation of these standards through specific means of information and the organization of conferences, round tables and debates.
  4. Elaborates annually a calendar of medical scientific events (congresses, conferences, round tables, commissions of experts, workshops) and proposes the organization of scientific events on interdisciplinary issues.
  5. The conclusions of the various scientific events at which S.R.E.G. Participants will be submitted to all interested entities, such as: – Ministry of Health, Academy of Medical Sciences, Romanian Academy and other similar institutions.
  6. Production, editing and distribution of books, periodicals, leaflets, brochure posters, computer platforms, information materials.
  7. S.R.E.G., stimulates the scientific activity of its members by awarding prizes from its own funds and advocates for the exchange of professional experience by participating in international congresses or other forms of communication related to the purpose of the association.
  8. Establishing and maintaining links with different university centers in order to know the opinions and procedures for approaching the specific issues of the field in several countries.
  9. Raising the level of training of middle managers involved in this field, in collaboration with other governmental or non-governmental structures involved in the training process.
  10. Participation in civic and community activities, debates, working groups, round tables, conferences, seminars, courses, summer schools in order to identify, develop and promote solutions for modernizing the medical system.
  11. Educating the population by all possible means regarding their rights and obligations in relation to their own health and to the health care system.
  12. Development of own programs or in partnership with other organizations or public authorities in the country and abroad in order to achieve the purpose and objectives of this statute;
  13. Provides the fund of articles intended for the publication of its own medical journal, as well as other scientific informative works; supports exchanges with similar magazines from abroad;
  14. Supports and collaborates directly with the Ministry of Health – specialized structures on various organizational issues, health care and scientific research.
  15. Collaborates with the Romanian College of Physicians in all organizational issues, professional and scientific training, or specific legislation in the field of gynecological aesthetics.
  16. It primarily supports the scientific activity of young specialists and doctors in training in the field of gynecological aesthetics.
  17. Organizing public events and other activities to raise public awareness, according to the law.
  18. The result of scientific events (research, symposia, round tables, conferences, conferences and workshops, congresses, collaborations with specialists from the country and abroad, specialized and sociological studies), will be made available to the media for a wide media coverage. the view of a better understanding of the phenomena related to this side of medicine, but also to give our activities a prophylactic character.

Activities of S.R.E.G.

In order to achieve the scope and achieve the objectives, the Association will carry out the following activities:

– Develop a program of fundamental study on pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment in the field of gynecological aesthetics and research in this field as well as improving the prognosis on promoting surgical and non-surgical innovations in gynecological aesthetics, providing scientific materials and events in order to educating patients and doctors and offering various charitable treatments to patients with various pathologies, for example vaginal reconstruction after cancers, after sexual assaults or accidents, after genital mutilation, etc.

– Carries out in collaboration with public institutions, economic agents or non-governmental organizations in the country and abroad programs to popularize the knowledge needed by the general public to reduce risk factors, improve conservative and surgical treatment and improve the quality of life of patients with genital aesthetic changes, such as and disease prophylaxis, as well as giving patients confidence in order to restore self-esteem through non-invasive treatments of diseases such as: vaginal atrophy in menopause, vaginal laxity, involuntary loss of urine, vaginismus (contact pain), lichen sclerosis, sexual dysfunction, etc.

– Organizes conferences, symposia, round tables, lecture series, practical demonstrations, colloquia, seminars and other similar events, able to outline and promote at national and international level, an educational system, through mass media to know the factors risk, early detection and prophylaxis in the non-invasive treatment of genital aesthetic changes, but also the means of amelioration and care through the non-invasive preventive or curative treatment of vaginal laxity. All these manifestations (activities) have an open character addressing both specialists and people interested in the issue and also patients with various pathologies specific to this field.

– Connects to domestic and international information systems, scientific, medical, integrating into the international system of education, documentation, prophylactic and curative treatment.

– Carrying out sponsorship / patronage activities.

– Development of own programs and in partnership with public authorities, other foundations and associations in the country and abroad.

– Attracting funds from governmental and / or non-governmental organizations, as well as from other natural or legal persons in the country and abroad to achieve the purpose and objectives of the Association by financing programs or projects.

– Other activities that contribute to the achievement of the purpose of the Association and that do not contravene the rule of law.

Who can become a member?

A member of the S.R.E.G. can be any person, interested in achieving the objectives of the Association, who recognizes the status of the association and pays his membership fee, by the decision of the Board of Directors.

Members can fall into the following categories:

  • associate members;
  • full members;
  • founding members;
  • honorary members.

(1) The associated members, any person with specialized knowledge in the field related to gynecological aesthetics, are non-voting members, who by different means support materially and morally the Association. They can participate in the events and actions organized by the Association and can collaborate voluntarily in its activities.

(2) Full members, any doctor may be a full member, having the right to vote and the obligation to participate in the General Assembly (directly, delegated or in alternative ways) and to be directly involved in and actively and constructively contribute to carrying out the activities of the Association.

(3) The founding members are full members, with voting rights, signatories of the Articles of Association and Statute.

(4) The honorary members are personalities with special merits, who through their activity have made an important contribution to the promotion and progress in the fields of interest of the Association and who can contribute to the increase of the prestige and recognition of the Association. Honorary members do not pay dues, do not have the right to vote and cannot be part of the Board of Directors.

Once the membership of the association is acquired, the new member will be subject to the Articles of Association, the statute and the decisions / decisions of the governing bodies of the Association.

The Board of Directors has the obligation to examine the request and to decide, within a maximum of one month from the date of receipt, on its approval or rejection without making known the reasons for its decision.

The quality of associate member, full member and honorary member is obtained at the proposal of the Board of Directors and is granted and withdrawn by the General Assembly.

Obligations of members

1. All members of the Association are obliged to comply with the articles of association, the statute and the decisions / decisions of the governing bodies of the Association.

2. The members are obliged to pay the annual fee in the amount established by the constitutive act and statute or in the amount decided by the General Assembly.

3. The members will submit, without claiming rewards, all the diligences for attracting funds for the association.

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